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May 6, 2013
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I have just uploaded a 10 location bulk upload form that has been verified. All 10 of the locations have existing unverified G+ Local pages displaying incorrect description, categories and photos. I have two questions moving forward:

1.) Will the bulk listing merge with the unverified existing listing and if so will the bulk info (description, pictures, etc.) override the unverified listing?

2.) how long will it take for this merge to happen and the changes to take place?

Thanks for the help,

Hi Tad,

Unfortunately I can't help because I don't deal with bulk at all.

Will Tweet and hopefully someone that does can give you some insights.
Did anyone offer any insight for this one? I'm in the same situation. I've been told that it *should* work, but I'm not completely convinced that it *will*
I'll ask Google and see if I can get any updates or insights about bulk.
If the G+ Listings are unverified they will not merge. They would need to be verified.

But that speaks to whether you should be using Bulk at all with 10 listings. The best and most efficient strategy would be to claim the listings in a single Places for Business Dashboard.

Then you can do one button auto upgrades to social if the location needs it.

Regardless, you would then delete the unverified pages.
Thanks so much Mike. As I said in that info request to Google I just don't deal with bulk and don't know much about it. So I'm really glad you came over to weigh in.

Thanks again!
Jade from Google just replied:

If you bulk verify and some listings already have pages (verified or unverified), they *should* merge. It doesn't always work. If it doesn't work, report a problem on the dupes and we'll resolve it in support. Mike makes a good point that for 10 listings, they might consider just using the dashboard, though... doesn't seem like bulk would be absolutely necessary.
I misread your comment as to the unverified listings. I assumed you meant that you had created G+ Pages that were not verified. Jade at Google pointed out to me that you probably meant unverified listings. If that is the case they will merge or effectively be subsumed by the claimed listings. No need to delete.
I had a client with 1200 locations(national brand). Merging the data did not work. There were existing listings in Google that were incorrect.

What worked was creating a store ID(which is a unique identifier for each listing) then changing and managing the listing info from there.

Since it was a large national brand, I was in direct contact with Google A/C reps who deleted the invalid entries after 4 weeks. Adding the store ID to listings cut down the time it takes for listings to update from 4 weeks down to 7-15 days(on average).
Thanks that sounds really helpful! Bulk is the one thing I don't deal with or know anything about, so any new tips in this regard are highly appreciated!

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