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Mar 27, 2015
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I have a recent customer that offers carpet cleaning services that does not want to show his address as a business location in Google Local since he does not do business at his location (home). My question is if I changed the listing of his Google Local Business Profile to services areas instead of business location will it affect his current local rankings. The goal for them is offer there local services and rank locally in a few cities that are all located in the same area not just one. Any advice or tips will be very helpful.
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Hi MarketingGiant,

Not only does he want to hide but he MUST hide. It's a violation to have his address showing. So you really don't have an option and need to set up service area.

Need to do setting right in the dashboard so that Google will hide address.

Assume you know how to do that already. There are so tricks to setting it up that I cover in my Advanced Google+ Local Training, but if you are unaware there are lots of posts here in the service area business section of the forum.

But no it won't affect ranking at all.

1) It won't hurt ranking. Check plumbers San Marcos CA and you'll see all the top listings have address hidden and the lower ones don't.

2) Service area also won't widen the radius he ranks for or help him rank in more cities.

It has no impact on ranking at all. It's more just a visual signal to potential customers to show what areas the business serves.
Why is it a violation - because he is a home based business ?

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Why is it a violation - because he is a home based business ?

Yes and because service area business. Can only show the address if you have a full-time walk in office or store where clients can be served if they drop by during your stated business hours. The typical carpet cleaner is gone servicing clients at the customer's location most of the day.

Plus if a Google mod looks at maps and sees a house with no signage they assume it's residential and not a walk-in business location.

For more info see this:

<a href="">Hide Your (Ass) Address on Google Places Q & A</a>
Thanks Linda - I run an owner operated pest control company and am rarely in the office so for me this makes sense. I will try and get that modified.

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