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Jul 20, 2012
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I'll make a long story short.I had a clients listing ranking for almost a year. Then one day I logged in and next thing I know it's suspended. Posslble spam and other things.

Surely just a misunderstanding or something simple. When I G first started letting you talk to support they were great, could resolve problems fast so I thought his wold be quick.

Results. In the last almost 4 weeks since this happened. I've called at least 6 times, each support person tells me something different or contradicts what the last support person said. They also each say they will escalate it to next level AND they personally promise they will get back to me within a day or max a week, and NONE of them have contacted me back.

Anyone else have this experience. At this point I would G call in support is worthless.

Hi Ron,

That does sound pretty frustrating. Linda and us other Google TC's have been passing along examples of negative support experiences to Google. We will give this to them as an example.
Before I read your post, when I just saw the title I was going to say, call again, because often it's just a matter of who you get. Some are better than others.

But sounds like you tried multiple times and it was pretty frustrating.

As demand for support increases just because more are finding out it's available, I'm sure they've had to continually staff up and new staff probably don't have all the answers.

GMB issues can get so convoluted and complicated, that I can't even imagine training support staff to be able to understand and deal with the various issue that come up.

Not trying to make excuses for Google because support should be better than it is at times.
Just saying I can relate to the growing pains they must be going through.
I'm surprised myself considering how good they were last year when I needed support.What's even more frustrating is the the original person I talked with a month ago actually called the owner and verified that everything is ok and made it sound like the solution would be quick.

However almost 4 weeks and 5 support people later still nothing and each time I call it's like I'm staring from scratch even when I give them case numbers

They must train them to say they will get back to you by phone or email within a day or two because they all say they will but NONE of them actually do.

Like I said they have been totally worthless and in the mean time my friend is still suspended and will probably lose any ranking he had that took 8 months to get back on the 1st page after they suspended him last time when he was mistakenly suspended by a zealous caller from G who called the owner but had such a thick accent that the owner couldn't understand his questions.

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