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May 7, 2014
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I currently have a well established Google+ Business Page. I recently moved to a new location and created a Local Listing. This created a new Google+ page and includes all the address information and even a review section that seems important.
Do I need to start all over acquiring new followers to the Google+ Local Listing page? Or can I merge the two together?
Hi nchachula and welcome!

No sorry there is no way to merge or automatically move followers.

But that new local page is most important. Not only does it have a place for reviews but that's the page that ranks in Google search so has potential to get new customers as well as new Followers that find you in search.

You can post to both OR you can start doing posts at your old page asking folks to follow you at your new page. Or you can just leave one last post up saying please follow my new local page here and email it to your circles. Then switch your efforts to your new page.
That is good to know! I was afraid of that answer though :/
I found many large companies that have a similar issue. ex. vistaprint 6,000+ followers verified but no place for reviews
Linda, are you aware of any "duplicate content" issues with places pages like there is with google generally.

I'm thinking a head office situation where they have local listings covering multiple areas (genuine), but they run as one brand. Local pages for branches, Plus page for head office.

I don't know why you would, but I was speaking with someone who said in their call to google the rep said it was ok to post to both.

Sounded fishy to me, just wondered if you (or anyone reading this post!) had any experiences...
I'm not aware of a problem and can see situations like the one you mentioned where you would post to the local branch pages and the G+ brand page too.

I wouldn't overdo it. Plus I'd consider a strategy more like - The brand page does the full post. The local branch pages do their own overview of the main post, quote a snippet and link to the post on the brand page. "Corporate just shared some great tips about blah, blah, blah..." But in cases where lets say it's the company's anniversary I think they could cross post the same article.

Besides most people I know think there is not a duplicate content penalty per se, it's just that Google will ignore the copied content. Still I'd err on side of caution and not post the same exact content on all pages at the same time.

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