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Jan 19, 2021
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Hi all,
Just a small question to see if anyone knows anymore than I can find on this!

On the Google Maps app when you go to the 'About' tab of a business, there's the 'From the business' section which is the GMB description we enter on our GMB profiles but then underneath that there is the 'Details' section which I've found no way of adding or editing at all. It seems like it could be automated text that Google finds elsewhere and adds to some businesses?
In my situation, working for a plumbers merchant, some of our competitors have it on their search results; e.g. 'chain selling building, plumbing and landscaping materials; also rents tools and equipment’, but we don't.

I was just wondering if anyone knew how you go about adding to this section if its even possible?
I think that is a type of "business summary" as described here - Types of business summaries on Google Maps - Google My Business Help

Editorial summaries

To give you a snapshot of a popular business our writers compile editorial summaries. These summaries are phrases or sentences (such as the example on the map above: “Southwestern fare in a modern setting”) that you can find when you click the business on Maps.

Editorial summaries show on the map or alongside review and rating information, such as in the “review summary” section.

Important: Unlike business descriptions, editorial summaries can't be edited.
Hi @Liam I think what you are referring to is a type of attribute. Or possibly a type of justification. Can you share a screenshot?

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