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Jun 24, 2014
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Hey Folks

Just wondering if anyone can help - I have a client in the plumbing niche, when I do search for:

plumbers west lothian

My client shows on the Google map results if I search on the maps tab on Google, but they are not showing on the local 3 pack or if click on to expand these?

Hope that makes sense? Never saw this issue before?
Most likely their organic ranking isn't great. Hard to say without knowing which business he is. Are you able to share that?
Thanks for reply Joy. My client is Dewar Plumbing. For that keyword 8th in organic. We only been working with them 2 months. Brand new website/company.
things can be a little funky with brand new businesses. Maybe someone here has more specific advice, but if it was me I wouldn't be surprised if that discrepancy changes over time as the business gets more age and more of a footprint.
Thanks for reply James - I think it may just because the company was so new, before we started the company had literly just began trading

Hopefully with time it will settle down, just something I had never seen before when local pack results were different to the map tab results

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