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Jun 28, 2012
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One of the things I hated about the new Google maps is that there was no list of businesses, just a bunch of names on the map. And sometimes businesses in close proximity are hidden behind each other. So a business that ranks #1, you won't even see.

I think that's one of the reasons many of us still use classic maps, so we can see the list view.

Well the 'new' Google maps just did an update and now shows a 3 pack list right on the map, which I think is awesome, since more and more consumers are starting to use the new map.

Top 3 list for Atlanta Dentist


This update moved some helpful options around too. Just had an industry leader yesterday tell me the option to get to 'Classic Maps' was gone and we could not find it. Well it's there, it just moved. So did report a problem. Now those options are bottom right behind the question mark.


YAY, we have list view back. Only 3 but it's so much better than none.

So that's your job for the next week.
Get all your clients in the new maps 3 pack!
LOL :p

Hat tip to eagle eye Alex for discovering this update!
New update for Google maps results – 3 pack listings


FINALLY! I have been scratching my head as to where they were going with the new maps.

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And some ads as well...

orthodontist San Jose - Google Maps.png

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