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Sep 3, 2018
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Hey everyone,

We recently got a second location for our business in the same city. What has changed is, that our "old" business location ( =head office) no longer takes care of customers that come to our store. All that is happening in the new location. Additionally our staff is now split up between the two locations.

My question: Is it right to only update the GMB address to the new address so customers know where they should go?

Problem is that all our citations are build around the old address + some of them are impossible to change.
Hi LocalHero and welcome to the forum.

I'm afraid most of our members are out enjoying the Holiday, and I don't have an answer for you, so just wanted to let you know it could be tomorrow before anyone has a chance to help.

Happy Labor Day!
Hey Chris,

GMB has a category for "Corporate Office" so technically you should be good to have both listings. One for the corporate office and one for the new office.
Hey Chris,

Does the head office make any in-person contact with customers at all?
Hey Colan,

thanks for your response!

No our head office has 0 in-person contact.

Why I don't want to have both listed is, because we can get user reviews for both our locations which makes it harder to aggregate since the ones we already have will stay the same and the new location's reviews have to be build up from scratch.

Besides that I don't really see any benefit in having a second location on GMB: Users that search for us might also get the wrong adress if we have both listed. And thinking customer-first I would also prefer showing the customer the right listing than an e.g. employee.
Ok understood. So yes I would update the old listing to the new address since in a sense it's like an address change.

Does that answer your question or are you also asking if it makes sense to update additional online directories to the new office address? I would definitely make sure they have citations for the new address. At least on the top 30 or so citations.
I agree with Colan that it makes the most sense to just update the listing to the new location as that is where your customers will be going.

Just a heads up though that if you have reviews at your old listing, there's a good chance they will be wiped when you update the address to the new location. The best way to go about ensuring they are transferred over is to submit a request to transfer reviews here:

I had a client who moved locations and it took Google just over 2 months to transfer their reviews to the new listing. It took a lot of nagging Google, too, but eventually, they moved them over.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

Somewhere I'm agreed with Colan Nielsen as you have 2 business listing, one of your head office and second is of your office.

So I think you should only make the focus on your head office because head office is main than another branch. If customers visit Head office so you can share your second office details with them too.

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