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Jun 28, 2012
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Google My Business recently upgraded their API with even more new features.

The Top Contributors got a preview last week, but I was unable to take notes.
And who knows more about the API than Professor Maps - so I'll share his post about it.

<a href="">Google My Business API Gets Updated to V3.1 | Understanding Google My Business & Local Search</a>

Google has just released the Google MyBusiness API V3.1 . The update brings real time push notification for the ever changing listing updates AND when a new review is written for a location.

These real time updates with push capabilities will allow businesses monitoring their listing via a dashboard to be actively notified of status changes, data updates and incoming reviews without having to make a call to Google for that information. It should allow businesses to respond more quickly to any of these changes.

Lots more info inside, so click over to see what Mike has to say
I tried to search for "api" but the forum like many others don't like 3 char search terms.

So I will ask here - what tools are you using that make use of the Google API? I want to start approaching multi-location clients and to make it work I think the API will be critical going forward. However I am not sure if there are any companies with off the shelf tools that will work in Australia?

Whitespark? Moz Local I am sure will not. Do I have to hire a developer for some custom coding?

It would be great to know who are the industry leaders in developing software for agencies which utilises the GMB API so I can follow up for my geo-local requirements.
Hi Adam,

Here are some API threads Google found.

I'll let those in the know answer your specific Qs. But Sundays are quiet, so it might be tomorrow.

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