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Hi Joshua,

Just read your post the GMB forum. I will escalate this to Google for you.

Can you send me the photos showing that she has a storefront? Or at the very least that she makes in-person contact with her customers?
Hey Colan,


Yes, I can PM them to you.

She doesn't have a storefront as she doesn't see customers at the location often. They can come if they want but she's really more of a service area business.

She does have signage on the building though and I can provide government documents with her address as well as some unofficial documents as well.

Will those work?

How do you photo verify a SAB?
Yes that should be fine. Other than the occasional visit to her store, how/when does she make in-person contact with customers?

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They can come by and pick up the basket if they like, they can come pick out what they want, or they can ship it to them. She said it's also not uncommon for people to drop by from the other businesses around and get baskets as well while they're there.

PM'ing pictures now.

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