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Jan 15, 2024
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Hello to all of you!

I first want to say that I rarely create new discussions on forums but when I come to do it, it’s because I’m clueless!

This is my story. I have a Google listing for my business, well I had, because it is now suspended for more than 6 months!

Here is the context of the suspension of my establishment file: given my move and therefore at the same time that of my activity also, I wanted to change the address that corresponded to my former sector by my new current address, to be up to date on this data and be repositioned quickly.

However, the second I recorded these changes, my establishment record was immediately suspended on the basis of "suspicious activity reported", whereas I thought that by changing the address of my establishment on my record, a new validation request would be sent to me to justify this new address.

Having found this out, I therefore proceeded with a request for reinstatement by the official known route, which has not yet yielded anything. Google’s first response to this request was "We need additional proof to confirm that you are the owner of this property". I had to wait several months to obtain the official documents of the INPI attesting to this new address for my activity, this famous RNE, that I had addressed to Google in order to be able to justify this new address, even after that nothing changed.
Comment aside, I want to say that Google’s service for this kind of approach is deplorable, response times and long processing, recovery process that remains very manual, no way to know the progress of the request and I go on. It’s not rocket science to set up a clear and concise space for such requests, especially for Google and especially for professional customers of the Google Workspace suite, it would be the minimum.

In short, after explaining my situation and its context, here are my questions:

- Did I violate Google’s rules just by changing the address on my listing?

I was recently able to expose my situation to Google by email. Their answer was something like "It seems that your listing or elements of your listing do not comply with Google’s standards and regulations", with a link to these famous Google standards and regulations, which I read carefully. According to this, it would turn out that a small element of my card would violate this regulation, namely, the title of my card.

Indeed, the name I gave to my listing when it was created more than 4 years ago, was the name of my company, "Digiware", followed by the slogan "Your technology ally" which gives the full name "Digiware - Your technology ally". However, according to the regulations of Google, it would be forbidden to use slogans in the name of the cards, to respect it, the name of my card should simply be "Digiware".

What I do not understand is that my record remained for nearly 4 years like that, without any problem, but well let’s pass. So I thought I was going to change that title so that I would be on top of it and before I made any new reinstatement request. But then, I could see that the changes I made on my card did not take into account. Whether it is the title, the description, the address, the schedules, everything I change on my card is restored to the initial values the next day.

- If content clearly violates regulations, should it be changed immediately prior to any new reinstatement request in order to be accepted?

If this is the case, it would be paradoxical because as I said in my case, no modification on my card is taken into account.

Finally, regarding the official documents requested to justify a reinstatement:

- Is the RNE considered a scanned copy of an establishment’s registration? (Legally yes)

I want to sincerely thank you if you have arrived so far in this long text, but I had to write in this way in view of my situation and the questions I have about it.

I hope to find some answers below that will help move this whole mess forward, so that I can see more clearly and before any new Google recovery request.

Help me please!
Briefly, history means nothing to Google, nor does # or reviews etc..

Changing the address will have a high likelihood of a suspension.

There is too much to troubleshoot here, but if you head to the GBP community and pen a thread with facts, then I can take a look at it. By facts, I mean just be straight to the point.

PM your thread when posted.

Include timeline, what was changed, what was submitted, any evidence you have ina folder, then the business name, address, screenshots of the GBP profile areas and your case ID please.

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