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Mar 5, 2014
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or a couple of our clients (that I know of so far), listings that we claimed in the past few weeks but hadn't gotten verified yet disappeared from our dashboards after Google My Business rolled out. Has anyone else experienced this? F
Yes please see the latest 2 posts in the help and support section at the bottom.

Running crazy trying to help everyone and have not had time to escalate but one of the users talked to support and support said they were aware.
Escalated the general missing listings issue to Google.

But I need to leave in an hour so if I don't get an answer before then someone else may post an update. But Cori in another thread said she reported to support and they were aware. I'm sure it's just a residual update issue.
Can't seem to find where else on the forum people are discussing unverified listings that went missing. Sorry to not be replying wherever that is.

Did we ever find out why this happened and how to recover these pages?

For a couple of our clients, we had two pages we were in the process of trying to merge(one verified local page and one unverified local page that we had done all of our G+ posting in).

I think the unverified ones may have been marked as duplicates or spam recently which is why we were trying to move the verification and reviews over the these flagged pages that had all of our content.

Anyways, these unverified pages are the the ones that have disappeared in the upgrades to Google My Business. Hopefully there's a way to recover these pages/ their content.
Did you ever talk to support via phone? That's always the 1st course of action.

I never heard anything back from Google and just poked them again to see if we can find out any more in genera.

But really since each case is unique and there could be something complicating your issue, support is the best way to get help in situations like this.

Here are the other threads: http://localsearchforum.catalystema...e-my-business-missing-listings-stuck-old.html


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