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Nov 5, 2018
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I'm looking over the GMB website portion and am wondering ....
  1. Do you need a Google My Business website if you already have a website?
  2. Does it add any value to what you already have if you have a website?
  3. Why would someone want to purchase a domain? Is it just for personal preference?

Thank you,
Crystal :)
Hey @CrystalH,

1. No.
2. Nah.
3. Why would you want to have a site on a domain you own, on hosting you control? Because it's the only thing online that you actually own, and that a Don't Be Evil company can't take away from you.

Thank you, @Phil Rozek. I really appreciate your input! I was looking at the GMB Website "Tool" and started to wonder:
  • If we use the website tool is there any increase in search rankings ...
  • Is this more of an alternative tool rather than creating a website ...
  • Is this more like a "Profile" as it would be on Instagram or Facebook ...
  • ... and is this really necessary if you already have a website?

Thanks again @Phil Rozek !
Crystal :)

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