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Nov 5, 2016
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Hello, I'm noticing that there are two business entries in my Google Business profile, one for the old business name (not validated yet), and one for the new business name (fully validated and active).

Old - Parks TV
New - Cinema Systems home theater installers

The new business name is 100% accurate, but the old business name ranks higher for certain key words.

I think I have two options.

1) Is it better for me to validate the old business name and remove it entirely?

2) Or is there a way for me to convert the old business name it to the new business name? But this would create a duplicate business entry for the new, and I would have to remove the existing one. But that sounds dangerous.

Any advise would be appreciated, thank you much!
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hi cinemasystems

The links you provided went to Yelp and your website respectively so I can't confirm the details of your Google Business profiles.

Can you provide the Map links to the listings in question? It sounds like you can probably get the two listings merged as a duplicate but I need to see those Maps links first.

Actually it's no longer showing up for city specific key words, instead the correct google business listing shows up. Very strange because it's been showing up as the old business for "home theater installation" in Tujunga, CA, but no longer. Thank you for the input though.
I was only able to find your one profile as well, though you will want to correct any old business listings on sites outside of Google as well (Yelp, and all your other important citations) to improve Google's trust in the information they have on your business. If you do find the old profile out there, if the address is different like it is in the Yelp profile, you'll probably want to contact Google Support and ask for it to be marked as moved to your new location, merges aren't usually possible when the two profiles came about because of a business move.

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