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Mar 31, 2015
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Hi Guys.

First of all I want to say this forum is awesome! Not a single day goes by without me swinging by to check latest trends and changes in Local. I seem to have an issue that I can?t work out these days.

3 weeks ago we thought we would try and track traffic from local packs by adding a source- and ?etag at the end of the URL for one of our bulk account listings.

To start with this seemed to work and we could track traffic from this listing. Thing was that it did not look very nice on Google to have the entire URL with all the extras stuff in the end showing up. So we thought we would create a Vanity URL and redirect that to the URL with the tracking tags in it.

Situation is now that when searching for that listing it does not show the vanity URL nor the URL with the tags. It show the plain URL we used before trying to track anything. It is a bit strange since I have the vanity URL listed in the bulk account. It?s like Google saying she won?t acknowledge the vanity URL in my account. I don?t seem to find any info on this out there.

Strangely enough this only applies to In everything works the way it should.

Anyone with any take on this? Obviously the point of tracking is to track traffic but it seems now that people can click the listing in and we can?t track it because it won?t show our vanity URL or take them to the site with the tracking URL. My initial thought was that the vanity URL and the redirection was the issue but then I saw it working just fine in UK.



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