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Sep 25, 2018
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Let the confusion begin...

I've already had someone ask me "so what do I have to do?"

I get it, but they don't.
Very smart thinking Dan. I agree 🙂
Here's something interesting that just happened to me. I just verified a new location (hadn't done a new one since the address policy changes.) Then I went to edit the listing and discovered the address was missing! So I went and added it again. Went into service address and deleted the legacy radius setting and added the cities. Then I went to add photos and it said you need to verify your address! The address I enter was the same address as what I verified and what was showing on the listing of my locations (interesting the address showed up there previously but was blank when you click through to edit the listings address - per the changes.)

I am GUESSING what happened is when you verify a location, it takes a day or so to get published (from my previous experience) so if you go edit the address after verifying but before it gets published, you trigger another verification! I'm going to wait a day and see if it gets published and thereby I don't have to re-verify even though the address didn't change. (Not very happy with you Google!)
Well it just did it with another listing I updated. Put it to unverified. So should I not mess with the address and just change service address. I see a location I've not updated anything, it's still set on radius and it appearing in the 3-pack. I don't want to screw that one up too!

Hmm.. interesting, it appears some of my locations, the address has been removed, and others it has not. I assume it's probably a bug that they make me reverify a location that I just verified after the address has been removed.
If you change the address after verification, it does trigger another verification and you have to go through the whole postcard thing again.

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