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If you've tried to reach Google local phone support in the last couple days you may have noticed a new message. Colan from Imprezzio Marketing noticed it yesterday and asked Google:

I just noticed this message when you try to contact phone support:

Our call centers have recently experienced high support volume and our GMB specialists are working hard to solve existing queries. As a result, we are currently offering phone support on a limited basis only during the hours of 7 AM - 12 PM PST, Monday - Friday.

Can you shed any light on what's going on?

Google could only confirm basically what it says in that message. They are trying to catch up on a backlog so are limiting new calls in order to take care of existing issues for users in the queue, which is a good thing.

So there is now a 5 hour window for help. Previously it was a 16 hour window from 1AM to 5 PM PST. Not sure how this new timing jives with the overseas timezones.

No word on how long the limited hours will continue. And I'm uncertain if there is some big issue that's creating increased call volume or if it's just a matter of more and more SMBs realizing phone support is available. It always surprises me at the Google forum how many still don't know it's an option.

Have you run into this yet???

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I really hope this will be the exception, rather than the norm.
I noticed this a few days ago. G has been notoriously slow in responding to emails via their GMB support and thus, I typically call them to get things done (faster). I finally got through to support this morning and the rep seemed shorter and not as helpful today compared to previous days. Could be the rep I contacted or because they are trying to hustle through the new calls coming in today?

Either way, the support the reps have been providing in the past month or two has been night and day compared to 4 months ago. I dont know if G didnt anticipate the amount of calls they would receive, the employees simply didnt know the process/system yet or both but not long ago, G support was awful. Hope they can get back to providing good support in a timely fashion.
It looks like they are back to their normal hours again. It's nice that when these things do happen Google is usually quick to remedy them. We noticed it Tuesday so not a bad turnaround for as major as they made it seem.
It looks like they are back to their normal hours again.

Thanks Michael. Just just checked and not back to full hours for me.

Tells me: "6 AM - 5 PM PST"

Previously was "1AM to 5 PM PST" I assume for overseas users.
Jade just emailed to say support hours are back to normal!

That was quick! :) Thanks Google!
Looks like the hours are back to normal on the website but I just tried to contact them and it will not allow calls. Almost back to normal, but not quite.
Hours are still showing as Monday - Friday, 6 AM - 5 PM PST for Australia - which is a shortening of 5 hours.

That works out to 11pm - 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time which means remembering to make all the support calls first thing in the morning. :)
Whenever I have called recently, the calls have been handled by an office in India. They say they have the same training as the Google reps in USA, but I had some strange responses from them. for example, it seems they need me to re-verify my Google local page and asked for my income tax receipts !!
Hi Eva,

Yes much of support is over in India now. I seldom hear them ask for official documents like tax records, but I know it does sometimes happen.
Thank you Linda. The conversation was over re-verifying an address, so I thought the
google representative was being rather naive suggesting that income tax papers were necessary for verification.
I just had the tax papers request this morning - he actually wanted both tax papers and multiple photos of the business to re-verify an address (dang duplicates from bulk feeds.)

he was very insistent on the tax forms till I pushed back and got the manager, who was more than willing to have the re-verification move to e-mail (possibly to make me get off the phone).
well, thanks for letting me know that they asked you for your income tax also...... I thought it was just a naive young Indian. I also insisted on speaking to his manager.... but I have kind of given up on the process, as I live in England, and they have not as yet told me how to re-verify my business. It has been verified so many times in the past, post cards have been lost and never delivered etc.... a total nightmare. I have worked on improving my organic listing instead.
I contacted Google again, to ask how I should re-verify my site., and even though they know I am a service busines with no store front and hidden address, they are now asking for :

picture of your business storefront
Complete business address
copy of business licence

they are also trying to be very upbeat, ending with:

It would be a pleasure having your business?s presence felt over the ever increasing Google network. Have a nice day!

I have never been asked for a business licence before. Is this becoming common now?
Hours are still showing as Monday - Friday, 6 AM - 5 PM PST for Australia - which is a shortening of 5 hours.

That works out to 11pm - 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time which means remembering to make all the support calls first thing in the morning. :)

Looks like support hours have returned to normal now for Australia as well.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.30.51 pm.jpg

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 8.30.51 pm.jpg
Did they remove the troubleshooter email form as well? I can't seem to find it anymore no matter where I poke around.

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