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Mar 20, 2014
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One of my clients sells countertops. Five days ago we were listed in the "D" position in the Google places for business. Today we're not ranked.

So I start digging into why. And now I want to freak out on Google!

First off, we had two listings. The business owner setup and Google Places For Business page. I came in 6 months ago and created and Google + Business Page.

Today in my search I noticed that the + business page is actually in the Places for Business dashboard. There was as message saying that the + business page wasn't showing up because it was a duplicate. So I delete it and re-optimize the Places for Business page the client created a few years back.

Then I got into the categories to see if there is one for "Countertop Store". After all one of his competitors who bumped him out of the "D" position has that category.

Vittrium Buiding Products   Google .png

But to my amazement, that category doesn't exist!!!!!

Abstract Stone   Countertops Victoria   Listing.png

That was the view from the Places for Business dashboard.

This is the view from the Google + page dashboard.

Abstract Stone   Countertops Victoria   Listing.png

How is it possible this category is now dead?

Vittrium Buiding Products   Google .png

Abstract Stone   Countertops Victoria   Listing.png

Abstract Stone   Countertops Victoria   Listing.png
It's listed as a category in the Moz Local cat tool and the Blumenthal cat tool so think it was there. Maybe just a glitch or maybe was accidentally dropped.

I'd call support. I mean I would not call support to ask them to just add some random or missing cat but this WAS one and likely should be so is maybe fixable.
I'll call them and ask why the competition has the category but we don't.

I think I have your answer. Countertop Store is available as a category from Map Maker.

There are different and additional categories within Map Maker compared to Google Places for Business. I often will add some of those additional categories when relevant to the Map Maker side after setting up the Google Places/Google+ Local side.

Click Edit details on the listing for your client and you can add Countertop Store. If you need help just let me know.
Thanks Michael,

It looks like through Map Maker (what the heck is this all about, another way to change listings, great!) Countertop Store is there.

I called earlier today and the guy at Google places said he say countertop store there. Yet I still don't see it within Places or + dashboards. A little odd but the client is back in the Places listings!

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