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Mar 20, 2019
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Hi folks. Stumbled upon a weird Google Posts anomaly just now...

When submitting a new Google Post for a client just now, I discovered that an old Google Post from 1-2 months ago has been 'rejected'. In GBP Manager > Posts section, it has a red-and-white "REJECTED" label against it, but no other info/support is given. If I access it via Google Search, it has a grey-and-white "NOT APPROVED" label and the following text above it: "Your post was removed because it violates one or more of our post content policies. Learn more."

Here's the weird thing... It still shows publicly! When I do a search for the brand name in a logged-out incognito browser, the post still shows up normally (with no labels against it)...

I checked the content policies and - as far as I can tell - we're not in breach of any of them. It's the first time we've used this particular pic, this description, this link (to a blog post on the client's site), etc... They're a cleaning company and it's a post that links to a blog post all about cleaning lawyers' offices, so it's not exactly off-topic or sensitive material...

What's best to do here? I'm leaning towards deleting it just to be on the safe side (it's a few months old now anyway), but if I were to leave it, could it lead to an increased likelihood of rejections/disapprovals in the future? Do I risk getting an account suspension - or anything like that - if left unchecked? Is there a way I can appeal it, and get someone at Google to look into it further (given how - like I've said above - there's nothing actually wrong with it)?

One of my clients just received the your post was removed. It is live.

Live post not rejected.jpg

Rejected post email.jpg

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