Dec 26, 2019
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Hello -

I have a client who is doing their own GMB posts. On GMB, in search, they have 3 posts that have been made this year, with 2 of them in the past couple of weeks. Additionally, there are a handful of posts that have been done last year.

In the GMB Dashboard, when I go to posts, I don't see the last 3. I only see posts from December 2020 and prior.

Is this a Google bug? Or is there a way to view/edit/delete one of the newer posts that is not visible in the GMB Posts section of the dashboard?

Thanks in advance for any answers

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
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It must be a bug. The recent GMB posts I see in the dashboard also show up in the SERPs, and vice versa. (By "recent" I mean some posts that went up in the past few hours.)

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