Jun 28, 2012
Google Propaganda, SEO, and Why Marketers Need to Wake Up
by SugarRae Hoffman
January 26, 2014

As the entire search world knows, Matt Cutts released a post last week ? I?m paraphrasing ? warning us that Google now considers ?low quality guest posting? to be spam under their guidelines and will begin to take action in accordance with those beliefs.

one of the most shared comments on that post was from search marketing journalist Danny Sullivan... ?I wish you?d just not count the links you don?t think deserve credit.?

To which I responded with this: ?The problem there Danny is they can?t successfully find and discredit all of them. They can find and discredit the obvious, but most on their ?spam list? done ?well? are ones they can?t detect. So, it?s easier to have webmasters provide you a list (disavows), scare the ones that aren?t crap sites providing the links into submission and damn those building the links as ?examples? ? dragging them into town square for a public hanging to serve as a warning to anyone who dare disobey the dictatorship.

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