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Oct 30, 2015
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Can someone provide an easy goto for reporting and resolving Google Review Violations? Thank you!
I'm not sure that there is one. I did send a Twitter DM to GoogleMyBusiness but they said there wasn't anything that could be done.

They are not known for their customer service unless you're an Adwords customer, in which case they'll move mountains while bending over backwards.

Can anyone else comment on this? Is there an appeal process for recovering reviews that have been deleted?

All I can think of is asking the client to edit and resubmit.
Hey SmallBizGeek I really don't agree with "unless you're an Adwords customer".

Business support and AdWords two separate departments and countries. I have never encountered a review being removed because they were and AdWords customer.

JRobbins reviews are probably the biggest let down when it comes to support, the reason being is that Google stance is that there is no way to determine a customers experience is correct or not.

Forget about, "they were not a customer". The only thing they will act on is profanity, naming of employee, racism, illegality and in the case of spam, they need to be able to tie the account to the spam.

Anything else not really a chance, because of the original " no way to judge an experience"

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