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Jun 28, 2012
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Jennifer Slegg today reports that Google is getting ready to split up Google+.

It will be split into 2 parts. Google?s Photos and Google Streams for the social piece.

It's unclear as yet what affect this will have on Google My Business and G+ Local pages. I assume it's more that the products can now be used separately by consumers instead of being all integrated under the Google+ brand.

<a href="">Google Splitting Google+ Into Photos & Streams - The SEM Post</a>

Google is splitting apart Google+, launching Google Photos and Streams, a standalone product for the popular photo elements that were included as part of Google+.

Some of the Google+ features for photos have been pretty popular for users, but as it is linked to Google+, its growth was much slower in comparison to other standalone photo products, such as Instagram or Flickr.

The Verge I think broke the original news with an interview with Bradley Horowitz who is taking the lead on both new products.

<a href="">Google+ officially splits into Photos and Streams | The Verge</a>

Google is splitting Google+ apart, breaking the social network's photo element away from what it's now calling "Streams." Bradley Horowitz, a longtime Google VP of product, announced that he had become the new lead for both new products, Google Photos and Streams, in a post on Google+ today. Horowitz steps into the role vacated by David Besbris, who took over the top job at Google+ less than a year ago.

I'll see if I can get a statement from the Google Local side of the house but my guess is this is such a new development I won't learn too much yet. They have not even officially announced yet how this will all play out and I'm thinking maybe they won't until Google I/O in May.

What do you think???
Meant to add, here is official confirmation from Bradley Horowitz with Google.

I commented:

I'm curious to know what affect if any this will have on Google My Business and G+ Local pages. GMB just got a complete photo upgrade so I hope this does not change things too much again.

Don't really expect to get any answers in that thread, but had to ask. :p
Google+ Posted this on Monday -

Nowhere can I find what is going to happen to business photo albums. I have several clients who store event pictures in albums on their G+ Local Page account. No one specific manager has these photos stored in the New Google Photos.

Anyone know what Google's intent is for "Photos and Albums" not "Business Photos" for Business Pages?

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