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Nov 25, 2020
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Has anyone had any success with developing a Google stack? The site I am working on has all the usual key items (GMB, GMB page, YouTube) but I haven't gone so far to try Google Docs, etc

Is it a) considered a good practice? b) worth the effort?

Thanks in advance, as always!
They work to an extent but not sure how much effort it takes to build one strong enough to rank well.

There's one google site network that came into one of my serps that I was tracking. It has at least 150+ pages/sites of spun crazy keyword stuffed content. Ranks on second page for some of its main keywords.
I made one for a few of my sites. Unsure if they made a difference, I couldn't tell.

Yesterday found this video with some much more advanced in depth drive tactics, using some custom script.

They build out multiple drive folders with stacks to target silos of keywords, and then setup like hundreds of thousands of backlinks to the main folder. Apparently they are getting top 3 map pack rankings - so much business their clients don't know what to do with it (in the example).

Id skip around until they actually start going into detail.

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