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Aug 1, 2012
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Decided to post in this thread if anyone is scared that Google+ has disappeared. I have received an update to my search page and the black product bar at the top is gone. Here are some shots for your viewing pleasure. I'm not seeing this as affecting the SERP's so it must be just another tweak.

New search layout.jpg


New search layout.jpg

Thanks for posting Ryan. Great screenshots as always!

When I 1st saw it last week, the 1st thing I did was rush to see if one of the options was Places search. But alas, it's not part of the mix. :(
I started seeing this as well but for me it comes and goes. I'll log into my account in the morning and the traditional black bar will be there. I'll log out and then later in the day I'll have the new square icon in the corner. It literally changes throughout the day for me (as I log in and log out). Google must be pushing an update and it hasn't fully rolled out.


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