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Jun 28, 2012
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Use Schema, Author Markup, hCard, hReview rich snippet markup in your Local SEO? (If not, why not?) :p

Google just announced a new and improved Structured Data Testing Tool. It seems to work much like the previous one did, looks a little slicker and offers the following new improvements.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Today we’re excited to share the launch of a shiny new version of the rich snippet testing tool, now called the structured data testing tool. The major improvements are:

We’ve improved how we display rich snippets in the testing tool to better match how they appear in search results.

The brand new visual design makes it clearer what structured data we can extract from the page, and how that may be shown in our search results.

The tool is now available in languages other than English to help webmasters from around the world build structured-data-enabled websites.

I just tested and agree with the guy in the 2nd blog comment. It seems there is a bug in extraction of authorship. Seems it's trying to make the author of my review, the author of the site (or at least the author of my home page?)

TEST IT OUT HERE: Google Structured Data Testing Tool and bookmark for future reference.

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