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Apr 1, 2021
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Does anybody have any practical experience they would be willing to share regarding Google Web Stories (GWS)? If you don't know what Google Web Stories are, here are a couple good articles from SEJ:

As I couldn't find a single post about this on the forum, it doesn't look like an area of focus for the forum's SEO professionals. Maybe I'm wrong?

I'm really curious if any of the other members have experimented with GWS and have any success stories? Any particular industries that seemed to do better? There just really isn't a whole lot out there in regards to case studies documenting: visibility, ROI, CTRs, etc.

Thanks and hope to hear some feedback!
From what I have read, they work quite well in large news or, for example, travel websites. But they are still rarely used.
Yes, I agree. Here is a great article from SemRush for anybody wanting to learn more: How to Make Google Web Stories [2021 Study]

This has been the most comprehensive study I've been able to locate so far. It does seem to favor the larger entities, but in regards to local travel and/or tourism businesses, I think there my be a good opportunity for more exposure. We'll most likely be playing with some Web Stories during the Fall/Winter months to see how they impact some of our seasonal tourism clients whose season starts in the Early Spring thru Late Summer.

Would love to hear more from others who've had practical experience with Google Web Stories.

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