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Jan 4, 2013
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Low on fuel? Need a cup of Coffee? Stop for Groceries? #GoogleMaps Detours Finally Easy! And In Route! Google Lat Long: Google Maps making stressful times easier


I'm sooooooo excited to try this out! I hate not being able to see coffee shops, restaurants, and gas stations in my route when traveling.

Oh yeah and find the cheapest gas in your route!

What do you think local search dude(tte)s?

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Another helpful maps update. Thanks for sharing Cody!

On my drive to Marble Falls TX today. Need some gas. 6 gas stations on the way. Google is showing me the cheapest gas ($2.10 gallon) and where along my route.

What's next? Maybe cheapest milk on the way home? It will be a crazy future when I can drive down the road and see all pricing for SMBS along the way.

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