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Thanks for sharing Jim!

I commented and was going to share here but had to walk new puppy.
(Or actually she had to walk me!)

My comment didn't get approved yet, so here it is...

Hi Phil,

I totally understand what you are saying and agree with the general advice to be a specialist. However from what I'm seeing and the input I'm getting from the industry - your examples shows something that I think is a bigger factor.

Every one of your examples has the root KW in the name. EMDs and PMDs have ruled the roost in local for a long time. In most competitive packs, the top 2 - 3 have KW in the name. So since the algo has not changed, those same EMDs and PMDs that were on top, are now in the new Local Stack (3 pack).

But you need to read Phil's post and see the screenshots for my comment to make sense.

Again I agree with being a specialist BUT EMDs PMDs still rule and I think that's the biggest factor we are seeing here. And Phil does mention that in points 6 - 8.
Thanks, Jim.

Linda, I sprang your comment from the Akismet Correctional Facility :)
Ah, how i miss the glory days when clients could rank for 50% + of terms city wide in pop 1 - 4 million.

Pick your categories wisely. Blog for long tail. The days of only ranking for your zip/ish just around the corner?
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