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Jun 28, 2012
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I could not resist sharing.

I've seen a lot of strange things. I've seen Craigslist ads offering $50 for use of residential addresses to accept a GMB verification PIN for totally bogus listings.

But this is the 1st time I've seen a somewhat legitimate request being placed in a classified ad. I only say 'somewhat' legitimate, because this sounds like a real business that wants a real listing, located near where he physically works - not a blatant spammer. Evidently he's using a shared work space and is just trying to get around Google's rules that won't allow 2 businesses at the same location to have a listing. But it's still obviously not allowed. AND I seriously doubt he'll get any takers.

<a href="">Google places location wanted on Bayview Avenue in South Barrie | Kijiji</a>
I replied to it :p
Good idea Joy. He's clueless and needs some help!
Not sure he's actually "clueless" since he's acknowledged it's against the rules... maybe just willing to take the higher risk in hopes the reward will be great enough. Knows enough to understand it's against the rules, but maybe just doesn't realize the full scope of repercussions they'd face. :rolleyes:
Should have clarified that.

I don't think he just happened to read the rules and knew this. That rule is not really apparent and most SMBs never read the guidelines.

I assume he found out it wasn't allowed, because either the system would not let him add another listing OR his was taken down or suspended and that's how he learned it was not allowed.

The clueless comment, was clueless about what to do and how to handle the problem. I'm not sure what he means by Food preparation workspace. Didn't say it was a restaurant, so I'm thinking maybe he does not even qualify for a listing. In which case he'd need to focus on organic instead.

I know there are some shared commercial kitchen work spaces here in Austin... maybe it a similar situation there?
"shared commercial kitchen work spaces". I guess it depends. Not sure they would ever see customers in person.

I have never dealt with one and don't know much about them. I picture it being like a cookie maker and they ship nationwide, so it's not really local.

But it could be something different. They could cook gourmet meals and deliver to local homes??? So it kinda depends on their model.

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