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Jun 28, 2012
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When you can't get that citation updated, no matter how hard you try do you...

1) Yell and scream 2) Beat your head on your monitor? 3) Cry, then give up???

There is a great 3rd option to try - TWEET IT!

Just discovered a great post by Bill Bean and he is right. More and more these days smart companies are handling customer service complaints via Twitter. It's a great place to get that problem they are not addressing via normal channels noticed.

Bill has a list of Twitter citation contacts. Check it out!

<a href="">Twitter Handles for Local Business Citation Sources</a>

We all know the internet isn’t perfect and websites are going to have problems. Every now and then you’ve reached the end of your patience (and hair) and need to communicate with someone who can “git r done.” At this point I like to get a human on the phone, but this isn’t always an option (have you ever tried to talk to someone at Yahoo Local?).

Enter social media. Twitter, specifically.

Consumers have adapted to the times. Customer service problems are being handled on social media much more often. I’ve had success numerous times reaching out to a business via Twitter. With that in mind, we share with you the Twitter handles of some of the top local citation sources. Perhaps they’ll be helpful.

Check out and bookmark the list of Twitter contacts. You never know when you might need it!

Thanks Bill!
Bill, that is a great resource. Thank you.
I tried this for a while ago and it didn't work :( Only the last 2 digits of the code would come through in the phone call. We tried calling the # back, tweeting, emailing, etc. and nothing worked.

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