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Jul 19, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I am curious if anyone has seen a scenario like this - see attached screen shot.

This listing is verified in our account, the address is not hidden, yet it still comes up with a circle for a map marker.

The only thing I can think of right now is that the address is hidden in some other account out there somewhere.

Any thoughts?

ann spangler issue.jpg
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Re: Has Anybody Seen This?

I have seen it - I think a post in the Google forum. Don't remember for sure but I think Mike or someone thought it meant the location was not accurate or not trusted or something?

Plug her address in maps and see if marker is correct. Then check in MapMaker for clues. If no luck post in the Google forum.
When searching in with "609 County Line Road, Huntingdon Valley PA " it comes back with "609 County Line Rd, Southampton, PA 18966. The local icon is also the regular local icon. And the icon is just north of I276 and just south of James Way.

If you add the 19006 zip code, the address on is simply "County Line Rd, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 with no street number AND the circle icon is back but it is now further south of I276.

Southampton "center" is on one (north-east) side of I276 and Huntingdon Valley "center" on the other (south-west) side.

In MapMaker searching with "Ann Spangler - State Farm Insurance" the listing comes back as "Ann Spangler - State Farm Insurance Agent Spangler Ann, 609 County Line Road, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006", has a regular local icon as well and located south of I276 but north of Mann Rd - which appears to be as far south from I276 as James Way is north of I276.

However in MapMaker searching with "609 County Line Road, Huntingdon Valley PA" comes back with "619-603 County Line Road, Upper Southampton Township, Pennsylvania, United States"

Guess the exact location with crossroads might better isolate exactly where along County Line Rd this business is before sending it along to Google forum and hopefully someone there can resolve the town/city location (Huntingdon Valley) vs township (Upper Southhampton) as well as what side I276 the business is actually on.
Yes, Map Maker is the place where you be; create / claim / edit your listing there to mirror your Google Places listing. Put a note for the potential reviewer trying to convince them that the address of the place you are claiming on the Map Maker is an authentic one. Remember, the details including the position of the marker in the back-end of your Google Places should exactly reflect those on the Map Maker - categories, NAP and even the description. Once the position of the marker on the Map Maker is established you should start seeing the balloon in place of the red circle.
I always saw it when businesses serviced an area instead of specifying their address.

Also if the address is close but not exact, I worked with a client in Mexico and Google couldn't pinpoint the address(its taken forever to figure out what the address is, and even then is only "close"

After reading Don's post I did what I do with every new client and threw the original address into the USPS Zip Code lookup tool which we use for every client and modify any addresses based upon what comes back.

Now this has me sort of worried, I always thought Google did some validation against the USPS Address verification DB, but looking at Don's post it looks like it doesn't if Google comes back and sees it as Southampton and not Huntingdon Valley.
@Don - Thanks for the research, I really appreciate that.
Google doesn't even have the address pinned correctly. I did a street view search for the business and I found it way down the road from where Google had it pinned.

Yahoo and Bing Maps have it pinned correctly. I'll have to report this to Google and reference the correct Yahoo and Bing address markers....I'm sure they will like that..:p
The problem has been fixed. I edited the map marker to the correct spot in MM, got that approved, moved the map marker to the correct spot in our account, submitted.

The listing now shows in the correct geographical location, with the proper map marker.
Oh good to hear! Thanks for reporting back Colan!

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