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Jun 28, 2012
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I started off upgrading just one laptop this past weekend, figuring if I ran into problems it was not essential and any downtime would be inconvenient but not mission critical.

However, the upgrade went so smoothly that I went back the next day and upgraded my desktop and my wife's laptop.

There were a few glitches... On the first laptop, Outlook stopped working with an error message to the effect that I didn't have permission to access the Outlook mailstore. I fixed that (a permissions issue) fairly quickly. I think the cause was that for the first upgrade, my laptop, it was a password protected laptop and Windows 10 encouraged me to switch that login in to my Microsoft login. I didn't have that problem on the desktop or the other laptop because they weren't password protected to begin with and I ignored the Windows 10 recommendation to use my Microsoft login.

On the desktop, Outlook has twice silently refused to open links in Firefox. That's another quick fix too... apparently this is a glitch that plagued some Windows 8.x installations as well and there is a Microsoft Fix-It that will automatically fix the issue for you using some registry entry repairs. It does require a reboot and in the process sets the default browser back to Windows Edge but that too is easily fixed by loading Firefox and responding yes to the query to make it my default browser.

Yesterday, there was an automatic update from Windows 10 fixing various bugs, although I don't know specifically what they were.

Overall, though, despite the little glitches, I have to say this was an easy upgrade.

If you have already upgraded, what was your experience?

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Thanks for sharing David. I am hesitant on making the switch as of right now. Hopefully, others will chime in with their experiences.
Thanks David! I'm with Scott. Waiting...

When I got my last PC most were running 8 and my technician, who is really good, told me NOT to get 8 and I had to jump through hoops to find a box that still had 7.

I'd be afraid 10 has some of the issues he warned me about in 8, as far as working totally differently than the Windows I was used to and said it's more geared toward tablets - with gestures, etc.
I added one inexpensive utility, Start10, the first Windows 10 Start menu alternative!, which I think was $4.99 US.

That gave me back the familiar Windows 7 Start menus plus the ability to pin frequently used programs to the Start Menu. Pinning just didn't seem to work for me on Windows 10 but with the Start10 utility it does perfectly.
Thanks David. I made the upgrade a couple days ago and was suprised how easy it was. Only issue I had was making sure computer was updated prior to install. I did hit an error when upgrading at 95%, but just hit retry and it installed with no issues. So Far Im loving it! Thinking about trying the God Mode features.
Curious if anyone out there has upgraded to Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 3. I had a heck of a time getting this to work with Windows 8 (tons of firmware issues - had to replace the device 3 times before the 4th one worked!) so I am scared to death to do anything to upset the Surface...
I just upgraded last night, so I have yet to really play around with it. I'll agree with David & Justin - the upgrade went very smoothly. I made sure to back up any important folders/docs on an external hard drive before I did it, but it looks like all my files got moved over fine.

What does GodMode really do? What kind of features can you get into with that?
God mode just gives you quick access to numerous settings and tweaks. All you are doing is creating a master link to the individual links so if you don't want it you just delete the folder you've created and it's gone. Nothing to install or uninstall.






The screen shots are only a partial list, by the way.

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How do you guys like the switch? Hesitant to switch to Windows 10 from Windows 7 myself. I would hate to not like the new platform.

I'm very impressed with Windows 10. I wasn't happy with the start menu but I bought the Start10 replacement $4.99 USD which gave me back virtually the same as I had in Windows 7.

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I'm going to try Windows 10 today. I purchased a new SSD and cloned my current SSD to it (went from 500G to 750G) and then I installed the new drive and I'm downloading the windows 10 update files as I am writing this. Keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth transition... and also that it's worth the time and money that I'm spending to do this.

By the way, the SSD came (from Crucial) with a license to use Acronis to do the cloning. It worked fine, although right after that my Chrome settings were all corrupted. It might have nothing to do with the Acronis software, though.
All those steps, all that time and potential problems is why I'm not biting the bullet.
Don't have the "handwidth" for extra work/problems/trouble shooting. :eek:

Good luck Tim. Let us know how it goes.

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