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Ok, it is finished.

Took three hours.
No apparent advantage in the new version.
Things are a bit slower (probably more of a memory hog, I speculate)
Deleted some applications without asking for permission.
completely messed up the way that I had things arranged in Windows Explorer.
Made their crappy browser the default without asking for permission (Chrome was previously my default browser).
Competing products like Chrome look crummy in the new version for no good reason.

Overall - meh. Wish I hadn't done it, pretty much.

Of course, I'm no big fan of Microsoft most of the time anyway.
More good :rolleyes: news:

The start menu "pinned" apps are all removed.
The start menu is now more difficult to get to

Terrible UX
Broken promises about ease of use and no harm done to the previous setup

They misrepresented everything. All who are surprised that Microsoft would have misrepresented a Windows release are invited to a meeting tonight in the first phone booth on the left in Bonsall, California. No need to get there early, there should be plenty of seating available. :(

I wonder whether the promised "easy to go back" feature will work.
Oh by the way:

Microsoft Word 2003 does NOT reliably work on Windows 10.


It loads enough to create an icon on the task bar, but it does not actually render the document window, about half the time.
Looks like they also changed pretty much all of the default file associations to use their apps as the default viewer or editor or player for all file types.

All of those can be changed back to your liking in Settings.

Did you install one of the Start Menu replacements I mentioned? Start there.

As for Office 2003, try using the Windows 10 compatibility wizard. That works pretty well for most things.
Thanks, I appreciate your help.
It looks like the Windows 10 update also deleted the options settings from at least some of my Chrome extensions.
That's odd. I rarely use Chrome. Try reinstalling the latest version of Chrome. It may be missing some DLL files.
Thanks, that's a good idea! :)

So far I have to power down and reboot every 30 minutes or so because my computer becomes completely hung. It could be because of an issue with Chrome because I'm in Chrome all day long and I speculate that it might have been "accidentally" clobbered during the Win 10 install.
Things are a little bit more stable now that I uninstalled and then re-installed Chrome.

Is anyone using the "Edge" browser on a regular basis?
Is anyone using the "Edge" browser on a regular basis?

I don't advise it. I've tried it and it's still a lot like a beta version.

One of my sons was using it but had trouble accessing certain websites with it.

You can still use Internet Explorer 11. Just search for it from the start menu - if I recall correctly it's still included with the upgrade. If not, you can download and install it and it runs just fine.
Last I heard there were tons of security warnings about IE. At one point even the government was warning not to use it. That was a couple years ago and I have not touched it since.

How does FF work on 10?
Very well. More stable than on Windows 7 for me.
I still prefer windows 7.

So do I but if you buy a new computer, it's hard to avoid Windows 10.

I really dislike the arrogance of Windows 10's approach to allowing or disallowing you to change some things and locking you into the Msft tools.

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