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Jul 22, 2014
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As the title says...

I was talking to someone today and they said you can have two listing in two different areas under the same name /website.

Is this true?

He said if you serviced two different areas and had two different addresses. (Two owners of business) you could make the different listings even without 2 brick and mortar businesses.

Also I asked what about building citations and keeping NAP accurate and he said he could use Yext and submit both of them and not put the actual addresses (hidden service based) in al your citation building. So you would essentially just have your Name, town, #, and same url for your citations, but have two different ones..

I can't wrap my head around this and he seemed sure of it and that it was white hat.

So what do you guys say?
you can but and this is how I do it

1234 Main St.
City, State. Zip Code
(704) 123-4567 = brick & Mortar

2nd Location

ABC Company = ALL CITATIONS with this INFO
5678 Main St
City State, Zip Code
(704) 456-7890 Located in

Company name can stay same
Different Phone #
Different Address
Same Website with CITY of 2nd location in URL in 2nd GOOGLE +

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