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Jul 20, 2012
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We have been implementing many of the tips from Linda's latest training using a unique landing page for each brick and mortar location of a business. The issue is that for many of the websites that our web dev creates use ONE header.php and footer.php file for all of the pages in the domain, and a unique html file for the actual content.

My question is: What should we do in this scenario when we are only able to have one footer/header file but want NAP for our specific landing pages?

Most of the businesses have 2-4 locations, so it isn't too cluttered having all locations listed in the footer, but will this be frowned upon by Google?

Thanks for any information or suggestions!
Hey Carleton,

Glad you are implementing the training methods! :)

Are you saying a single header, as in all pages have the same title tag?
If so that's a big no-no, local listings or not.

Mixed NAP on the same page anywhere on the site can sometimes lead to ranking issues, getting dropped from the pack and/or merges. These things don't happen as frequently as they used to, but I think still can. Best practice is only one location NAP per page with links to the other locations and messaging that makes it clear to clients you have other locations to serve them.

But if that's the way the site is designed then technically I'm not sure how to get around it?

You could put the home office, or main location or most important location on the home page, as that's easiest to rank. Then in footer could just link to the 4 location pages by name (north office, etc but not full NAP). And then on each location page have full NAP in schema.
Thanks for the response Linda!

As I do not implement the changes myself I don't know exactly, but what it seems is that we have access to the header/footer files that all pages and it all has to be the same, BUT then we can go into wordpress after and individually change each page's Title/Description. But beyond those two things I don't think we can do much else with the footer.

So in that scenario is it best to have the footer with just the main location and links to the others like you mentioned? Or should the footer contain all of them? On the actual location pages we have the top/down schema, maps and review links specific to that location, but footer is still containing all locations.

Thanks again!

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