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Jul 17, 2014
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I am not really showing up on local search, unless people are really specific, and searching for my actual suburb (which is hopeless for me), so I need to get more visible. My profile is perfectly (i think) set up, so I think it comes down to NAP

Ok, my current details are

7to7dentist (no spaces)
website (no spaces)
1300 661 771 (with spaces, makes it easier to read). This is an australian countrywide number, which I now know google hates!!
36 Cary St Wyoming NSW 2250 \
G+ is 7to7dentist
linkedin 7to7dentist
facebook 7to7dentist

My understanding is that google will not extract (ha ha Im a funny dentist arnt I!) the dentist out of 7to7dentist

So, i was thinking of changing to

7to7 dentist
02 4322 6332
36 Cary St Wyoming NSW 2250
and keeping as a website
Do i need to change my fb, twitter and linked in names? If so, do I create new ones, or just perform a name change if I can? What do i do about my google plus name?

A couple of questions - DO I need to have the (02)? When I search google, it seems to put them there as (02) 4322 6332.

I still want to have the additional number. I know I can add it to google as an additional number. Should i hide it on my webpage, or turn it into a jpeg?

If I change my details, I know I should send something to all the yellow , white pages etc.

What is the correct order? Do i send emails and change as many citations as i can, then change with google? Or the other way around?

I have 16 google reviews, and it is vitally important i keep them! This is probably the most important thing of everything!

Even though I have some things on my respective fb, g+ sites, if i need to restart, it is a pain, but not that bad. More painful is me not showing up on searches and being killed by other sites.

All help much appreciated!
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Not sure why you think G can't find "dentist" in the business name, or why that's important? It takes more than the "right" business name to get classified by G.;)

It's important your business name be what your business name is, not try to change it for G. If all "real" world references to your business are one name, then that's what it needs to be in the digital world.

As far as the phone number yes, the preference is to use a local number. That said, I have been successful (and i'm sure other consultants have too) at getting a business listed with a 1300. Given your listing in the yellowpages, you're going to go through a lot of work and it will take some time before the changeover becomes clear to G. Doing so may put all your existing digital assets at risk.

I haven't done a deep dive with your site or listing, but I can say you've done a good job with the citations NAP consistency. So your location isn't an issue. And yes, you show if I search for a dentist in wyoming.

What searches are you wanting to show up in?

If I search for your biz in maps using "dentist gosford", your business shows second. When I search for your business in normal Google, you're listed as the third website in the organic results (below directories of course), but not showing in the local pack. That makes me wonder if there's something going on with your google local page specifically.

Look at your categories - are they listed in order of priority? as in, is oral surgeon more important for you than dentist? You're not in the local pack for "dentist gosford" yet you are second in the local pack for "oral surgeon gosford".

Look at your description. Yes make it short and sweet, but add some "meat" to it, make it a bit longer and more descriptive.

There are also multiple listings in Google Plus for 7to7dentist - I'd recommend they get reported as dupes and/or deleted from your dashboard.
Ah, just found the post you did earlier and Darren's the one that said G might have trouble pulling dentist from the name. That explains it. I'm not going to disagree with Darren :p, it's something I personally haven't seen an issue with. So that's interesting.

One quick question - is there a reason why your google map on your contact page has mcdonalds? Curious why you wouldn't use the map of your business, one you can get easily through your google plus page.
Its really "dentist gosford" and "dentist central coast" I wish to show up in.

I was in "dentist gosford" about third or fourth in the maps, but no longer in there

My primary listing on my g page is as a dentist.

Some dentists when listed on "dentist central coast" have almost no listings at all, yes they may physically exist, but there is no web site, etc. Since I am almost in the middle of the central coast, it seems strange that there are practices way away from the middle who trump me.

Honestly, the only other thing I could do would be an official google panoramic inside photo, which I am considering doing anyway. It seems to be quite cost effective, and I have had numerous patients comment about our drab exterior, so showcasing the inside would be a good idea anyway.

If I was to update, you seem to suggest that I would be best to change all my web citations, and then change my name.

My main issue with this is my reviews, on both G and on other sites. I dont want to lose them, or have g not be able to find them.

I already have 5 five star reviews on, but g is not picking them up, and i have 16 on g, and would probably die if they disappeared- it has taken a lot of work to get them from my happy patients!!

I have Mcdonalds on the map because everyone knows where it is. I did it before I realised that you could have interactive maps on there, which I should probably do.


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