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Jul 17, 2023
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We are a big company with multiple appliance repair locations. Our appliance repair business is located inside our phone and computer repair stores (similar to Geek Squad and Best Buy, except we own both businesses).

We switched the address to a GBP and got it verified by video. However, 1 day after it got verified and edits were live, we got un-verified again. It might have been triggered by suggesting an edit that we are located inside our store (using my personal gmail and not work email), but I'm not sure.

Has this happened to anyone?
Often Google will make you reverify a listing through multiple methods. I wouldn't worry about it and just follow the verification steps again to get re-verified.

Yeah, I haven't seen Google sending emails anymore about a listing needing verification (which they used to).

Regarding the verification, I have seen that happening when pending edits exist. For example, if you make edits and verify the listing, Google might get it un-verified due to pending edits.

I have seen less of that happening when not making any edits, verifying the listing, and waiting 2-3 days before making an edit.


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