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Sep 27, 2012
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Just curious as to why there would be so many driving requests to a business listing? The number of requests for driving directions far supersede clicks to the website. The business is located in a large office building and has a suite number associated with the business as well as the Places account.

Is it possible that this number is being calculated by total driving directions to this address in total, even other companies that may have a business there? Are the driving directions requests solely based off of such requests from the places listing?

There happens to be a mall right next door and I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it. Of course, I'd like to see the # of website visits climb but scratching my head about why so many people are requesting driving directions but not ending up at their location as per the business owners.
Great question. I've wondered this before. I think some of your deductions are probably bang-on.
Either the people at the company are not telling me the truth and hundreds of people are walking in or some anomaly is taking place. Although, they aren't exactly in an industry where walk ins would be plentiful. It is an IT business.

I will keep plugging away at it and be sure to update if I find anything. I am still open for thoughts.
I had a feeling it was that. I'm shocked that G does not segment this information better. I would think it would calculate the # of actions from said listing being as though the location is semi-unique (broken down by suites) and the link from the actual business listing was clicked.

On a similar note, I'm still surprised that they have not provided more data for Places activities from within the dashboard.

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