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Sep 12, 2012
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Looking for a good hosting company that has HIPAA compliant hosting.

Any recommendations?

I have a client who uses a specialized email service provider for HIPAA compliant email, but no, I don't have experience with "HIPAA-compliant website hosting" per se.

We have, however, built a HIPAA-compliant patient referral system for one client. In that case, we used a third party that provides a way to do that by using Gravity Forms and the third party's add on WordPress plugin with the information being stored on their own secure server.
Hey Joshua,
I'm a little late to the party. A HIPAA compliant hosting service is mandatory to ensure HIPAA compliance but just using one on its own does not guarantee compliance. Usually, you also have to sign a BAA with the company after you're absolutely sure that PHI is encrypted and protected.

I haven't set up any websites on a HIPAA compliant hosting service on my own, but I found this article, maybe it will help! 6 Best HIPAA Compliant Hosting Services

@Tim Colling Did you sign anything with the third party? Are you sure that it's encrypted, because I seen a couple of agencies run into issues with third-parties. No big penalties yet.
I mentioned two clients in my earlier comment.

The one that was using a HIPAA-compliant email vendor has stopped working with that vendor and switched to Office365 at the suggestion of their IT support firm, which happens to also be an Office365 consulting firm. That's all I know about that situation.

The other client, for whom we built the HIPAA-compliant referral form solution, does have an agreement with the vendor for the underlying plugin solution.

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