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Nov 2, 2018
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Hey everyone, got a new job posting going live today. If anyone is looking for a change of pace, we're hiring a full time SEO Analyst. Job posting is live here: SEO Analyst - Strategic America - Career Page

I'll hard boil the position down to a few sentences for those who like the tl;dr versions. We're a full stack marketing agency, about 120 full time employees and SEO is the fastest growing division. The team is small but mighty, and each SEO takes on several clients with the freedom to run the accounts according to their expertise alongside a client manager with backup from the team when needed. The culture is a work hard, play hard mentality with plenty of each - we're never bored. The position includes full benefits and salary is based on the most comprehensive salary survey I've seen - ensuring you're not being underpaid for the position. The position is based in Des Moines, IA where the agency is headquartered, but we're open to remote work and are focused on finding the right candidate.

If you have questions, fire away!
Thanks for considering!

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