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Sep 12, 2012
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Hey guys,

Do you guys have any home improvement clients (or otherwise) that use scheduling software?

I need software that will help me track conversions (an appointment being scheduled through the software) for Google Analytics.

Any ideas?
Give vCita a try - lots of flexibility with other widgets as well. For scheduling you can define different services and lengths of services. Even put a video up (ie. Why Choose Us, 5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Contractor, etc).

The really nice thing is you can get also generate a plain plain calendar link as well, add that as a hidden 301 link on site and then add the 301'ed link to GMB Appointment URL (so it show's client's domain). And even better, I just noticed they will soon be a 'Reserve Partner' soon - more visibility on the Knowledge Panel :)

And, uh - if it's okay to mention this here - we resell vCita so PM me for referral. If this crosses line - I trust admin will police me appropriately.
Awesome replies, thanks guys!

That list will definitely come in handy.

I am specifically looking for Google Analytics integrations though.

Does anyone have any software they've worked with personally or would recommend?
Not trying to push vCita - and it may be overkill for just scheduling, However, it works fine with GA and supports some basic integration with my fave: Zapier.

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