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Jul 17, 2020
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Forgive my ignorance here, but I am having a difficult time making a call on this. Here's my question:

I am working with a local business, an air conditioning contractor. He has a headquarters in a certain city and his home page ranks for that specific city, though not too terribly well at the moment. I am creating service area pages for neighboring cities of course, though they are more difficult to rank due to not actually being headquartered in those cities.

Anyhow, my question is, should I create a service area page for the city they are located in or simply use the home page for that specific city? Right now I have gone ahead and created a service area page for the main city and it's slowly started to appear in the SERPs. I am conflicting, however, with the home page now in the rankings. Should I wait this out or should I go back to using the home page as the service area page for that particular headquartered location?

Hopefully that all makes sense, I've been hunting for a clear cut answer for a long while now and finally ended up here. I am hoping someone has some insight on this, I greatly appreciate any information you may have regarding this.

Thank you,
Just to add a little to this, I am targeting slightly different keywords/phrases with the two pages and mostly eliminated the city from the home page to reduce conflicts... just curious if anyone has any insight. Thanks.
So is this something no one has any insight on or is it simply a dumb question?
Not a dumb question but there are a few other threads already addressing similar issues:

I obviously need to work on my forum searching skills, thank you djbaxter for the guidance. I suppose in a sense then it was a dumb question, as it had already been answered.

Thank you again.
No it's still not a dumb question. Searching forums is only half skill and part knack/experience. And if it were a dumb question, other people wouldn't have asked it previously (indeed questions about this go back to 2017 or earlier).

As a hint, sometimes it's quicker to do a Google search and append to the end of your search query. This forum is well indexed in Google and Google search doesn't have some of the limitations of the forum search.

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