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Sep 3, 2014
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I have a hospice agency client who has a competitor that lists their own entity on GMB and that also has a fair number of fake duplicate listing with the names of their so-called medical directors. These medical directors are physicians who are on a monthly retainer to the hospice agency and who also have practices in their own right in other offices nearby. So, we have GMB listings with names like these (each one with its own GMB listing:
  • ABC Hospice
  • ABC Hospice: John Smith MD
  • ABC Hospice: Martha Jones MD
  • ABC Hospice: Susan Smith MD
Those medical director listings are just spammy duplicates and I'd like to get them removed.

The question is: what's the most effective way to do that? Suggest edits and ask them to be removed as duplicates? File a Redressal form and ask for them to be removed as spammy duplicates?


PS - I did "read the book" but I didn't find this exact case mentioned there.
Hey Tim,

Do those physicians actually work out of the hospice agency at any point? It's common for practitioners to work out of more than one office so Google is okay with them having a listing at the hospice and also their own practice provided the hours reflect when they're at that office.
Thank you, @JoyHawkins .

In this case, no, the GMB listing shows no hours. Also, it's just plain spammy that it begins with the name of the hospice, not the physician. At least, that's my opinion (and everyone is entitled to my opinion, right? :D )
Google probably wouldn't care about the naming at all. I'd say it will be tough to get rid of them. You basically have to somehow prove the practitioners don't work at that office.
Thanks, Joy. Not good news, but I appreciate your help.

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