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Mar 15, 2016
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Hospitality Industry Review Management Tips and Insights

The link between reviews and revenue exists in every business, but it's more direct, and more obvious, in the hospitality industry. This makes generating and managing reviews far more important for the owners of hotels, resorts, and glamping locations everywhere.

In fact, the review craze began with the hospitality industry. Hotels and restaurants were the prime targets of the early Yelp days. They've lived or died by their reviews for far longer than most other industries.

Where a law office might win with 50 reviews a hotel might need thousands of positive interactions to compete.

It's an essential form of digital marketing for every part of the hospitality industry.

Carmen goes on to provide a great set of tips including where to get reviews for the hospitality industry, and 5 attributes that tourists typically consider and write about in their reviews.

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