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Mar 22, 2021
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Hi all - I posted a similar question in a subforum a couple of months ago but didn't manage to find a solution...

My client owns a hotel with multiple outlets inside - all food and beverage, a couple of bars and a restaurant.

One of the bars (frustratingly) includes the name of the hotel - i.e. "The Hilton" & "The Hilton Bar". The issue is the bar is now appearing in place of the hotel for all branded keywords - both as the knowledge panel and above the hotel in the 3-pack.

The hotel has more reviews (around 2000 vs 100) both at 4.6, and has received a lot more attention over the years, from an optimisation, traffic and footfall perspective.

Interestingly, even when we add "hotel" to the keyword, it still prioritises the bar.

We had an issue at the end of last year where someone created a duplicate listing of the hotel, which started appearing in place of the original. That listing had zero reviews, no interaction, had only been up about a month etc. I'm wondering if there's something fundamentally wrong with the main hotel listing.

Alongside regular audits, citation building etc, we've:

  • Reached out to GMB support
  • Contacted Google Hotel Ads support
  • Implemented additional structured data
  • Ensured the Bar listing is marked as 'Located in: xxx'
  • Added the hotel to all major OTA's

Trying to think of anything else we can possibly do to force a change. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Does the GMB for the bar have the "Located In" link to the hotel GMB?

Can you share the locations details here so we can take a look?
Hi Colan - unfortunately my client is super protective about the brand and don't want us posting anything public. Apologies as I know it's difficult to suggest a solution without seeing the issue firsthand.

And yes, it does have the "Located In" link pointing to the hotel listing.
Feel free to DM me here at the forum and I can take a look.

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