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You can report the profile but don't know how good Google is about taking them down and/or removing reviews.

Just click the down arrow under "views". There is no option for reporting fake reviews, so just try spam and hopefully they will figure it out.

Additionally you can report each review, right on the review. But again not sure how good they are at taking them all down.

Last but not least you can complain and the Google Business forum and sometimes that will get Google's attention.
I feel for you - hopefully you'll have better luck than I have. I've even reported a profile impersonating me, with no success. Let us know what, if anything worked - would love to know!
I've had luck with getting reviews out of the filter and removed when they are fake.

We monitor review sites of our clients. A lot of times a fake reviewer will post a couple of places OR they get syndicated across platforms. Terms of service usually does not allow the same review in multiple places so I always take a screenshot of both and write that it is a TOS violation. That is usually the best way to get them filtered or removed from G.

I'd read the TOS and look for a violation. Each platform varies and all can give you a headache.
Taking a screenshot is easy... I have a competitor that actually mentions that they will pay for a review which is a big big tos violation. Exactly who or where at google are you sending an email with violations to?
Thanks Kate!

Not sure if this helps but Mike wrote a post about some new options last week.

<a href="">Google Updates Review Policy Help Files and Review Flagging Form | Understanding Google Places & Local Search</a>

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