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Jul 3, 2020
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One of our clients sent us a link to the photos on their listing. We can see all of the photos they've uploaded or we've uploaded.

We'd like to access this for all of our clients BUT no where in the 1st clients link or in other clients links can we match up the "id" number. I can see it at the back of each profile BUT that id does not "work."

The link we got from the client is: Update your browser to manage your Business Profile - Google Business Profile Help

Anyone else find the mystery door?? :)
Click on "Products" and then on the URL change the word "products" with "photos"
Not sure there is an easier answer for this, but this software creates different URLs for your GMB profile:

Usually they are super long URL Strings, and not fun to work with.
See that's the funny thing - we found this link by accident! (Spaces added to make it not be a live link.)
h t t p s://business. google. com/ photos/l/ 1010000000000121
Then try this
Rich (BB code): Profile Id"

I've gotten this far and thought I cracked the code, until I found that this works for some of my clients who have a young Google Business Profile (younger than 3 years), though for the older profiles (3 years and beyond) this does not work.


Using the 'site id' like described here How To Access The Google Business Site [Complete Guide] worked.

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