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Oct 10, 2012
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How can you tell this?

If it has merged, can they still make me an admin to their page like they could in Plus?
If there is a review button AND a follow button AND a checkmark next name then it's merged/verified.

Yes after merge the page has all the traditional G+ business features and they can make you a manager.

Since it sounds like you may just be learning about all this want to mention a couple important things. After they merge you can't make any changes in the Places dashboard. Should only make changes in G+.

Plus for future reference on other clients that have NOT merged yet, be advised many types of businesses are not eligible to merge yet and if you try it, it can cause problems.

Even business types that qualify most pros including Blumenthal, myself and even now Jade from Google say to hold off, just too buggy.
Thank You, just what I needed.

So if this listing has been merged, they can make me an admin and I can post status updates however I can't log in and change categories, add pictures, etc. Correct?
To re-iterate...

You can't make ANY changes in dashboard.

But you CAN change images, intro or anything else that's editable via G+ interface.

As far as cats go though, there is no ability to set up industry cats in the G+ interface. That's one of several G+ features that's missing and one of several reasons we recommend not merging yet.
As mentioned in the other thread, I've dodged this situation with my latest new client by "deleting" the page as they are not eligible. I must say though, the editing interface is way nicer than the Places dashboard so will be great when everything is there in the future! :)
How can you tell this?

One way to tell simply is to see whether the listing has 4 tabs AND a blue "Write a review" button. Although the method Linda mentioned also works!

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