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Aug 1, 2014
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Hello everyone,

The doctor's Google Business page currently is not showing ZocDoc reviews (hundreds of very positive reviews there). A few months ago, per Linda's training, I added a link to zocdoc reviews onto About Us description section on the bottom (in the Google My Business page. )

It was added like this:
Please read our awesome google reviews and our ZocDoc reviews [linking to zocdoc page].

Is there a way to get google to link to zocdoc reviews so that they are linked to google's reviews somehow?

Hope I made my question clear. Thanks so much in advance.
I know Google is pulling reviews from authoritative third party sites, but not sure if I've seen reviews from ZDoc in the past. You might be at the mercy of Google to pull them in, but do you know of any competitors that have those reviews on their pages? If we had an example, maybe we'd be able to take a look and see if they're doing something special to get them in.
Hmmm, I'm with Eric. I don't remember if I've seen ZocDoc reviews or not. I know several of the Dental review sites that tried for years to show up, never did, then finally did sometimes. Not sure about that one.

So I'd 1st do what Eric suggested and see if you can find them showing up for other Drs profiles.

Nevermind, just did a quick search and found some, so we know it's possible.

In general, if there is any 3rd party site that normally DO show up and they are just missing on your client's listing, the problem is almost always different NAP+W. So be sure NAP and website are exactly the same as on G+. If they aren't change ZD and then sometimes it takes awhile for G to find it and make the match. After the change, occasionally clicking that link in your client's description using Chrome, using different computers, could help with the discovery process. ;-)
Thank you, Linda for your informative reply.

Unfortunately, the way ZocDoc is setup, they have all the reviews being under the doctor's name (not the practice name). While, doctor's Google page is set up as practice name. I think that's why the Google business page is not linking to zocdoc.

Also there's the NAP problem - the zocdoc page shows 2 addresses (locations) where doctor performs services. One of these addresses is for a practice different from his own where he does contract services. His google page and his own website don't list this location at all. Unfortunately, Zocdoc posts this address above the doc's own address even though I asked them numerous time to reverse the order.

Also, zocdoc does not publish doctor's phone numbers or websites on their pages. They want all the appointments scheduled directly from their site.

I think the fact that on zocdoc the reviews are under Doctor's name instead of practice name (even though practice name is listed as a link) and the fact that the "contractor" address is listed 1st is affecting this.

I will try clicking on zocdoc link like you suggested. Will also try asking zocdoc again about reversing the order of locations.

Thank you, Linda and thank you, Eric.
In that case, you don't need to bother clicking. Clicking only suggested if you made a change to make listings match - to get Google to pick up the new info.

But I don't believe there is any way these are going to match up and so those reviews will get attributed to his listing, if the name and address does not match up.
I've seen ZocDoc reviews for individual doctors get pulled into the knowledge graph for the practice. From what I've seen, the names don't need to match. My guess is that most of the NAP+W info needs to match, but not all of it, for Google to attribute ZocDoc reviews to a given practice or doc.

Also, it seems to take months for Google to pull any reviews into the knowledge graph. Slow process.
Thanks Phil!

I should have cushioned that with "in the past".

Because I know for a fact before it was like that for Demand Force, the grand daddy of Dental review sites. Both Google and DF told me.

I only checked 2 just now for ZD, one was Dr to Dr exact match.

The other, the Dr name was on ZD but the practice was mentioned as well.
On the G+ L name was Practice Name: Dr Name, and rest of NAP was a match.
Hello Local Search Forum :)

Does anyone know where ZocDoc pulls their doctor information? They are not willing to make any updates to a profile, even if the information is incorrect, unless we pay. Just curious if anyone has ever found a work around.

Thanks in advance!
Have you checked the NPPES record?

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